Executive Coach Tools:
Help Clients Lead Their Organizations
with Backbone and Heart

(Delivered as a live webinar course)

Total ICF 14 hrs.

Discover How to Help Leaders Build
Engaged and Productive Teams ...

(even when they underestimate
the effort, skill, and attention that it takes).


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Shift Your Client's Perspective
Gain effective ways to provoke new thoughts, raise your clients' curiosity about the role they play in their systems, and create a discussion for generating a different viewpoint than they had before.

Strengthen Teams
Find out productive approaches and effective tools to help and support leaders to truly understand, embrace, and execute the specific changes they need to make with their

Transform Your Clients’ Use of Authority
Help leaders use their authority humanely.

Increase Your Credibility as a Transformative Systems-Oriented Executive Coach
Discover the leverage points in your clients’ individual development that can create the greatest change in their organizational system.


Help Leaders Solve These Vexing Dilemmas

Avoidance of Responsibility for Their Team’s Engagement/Performance
The use of “too busy” or other distractions by fighting fires and other legitimately accepted excuses for keeping attention off of themselves as leaders of their teams.

Belief that They Have No Power to Influence and Shape the System
Abdication of the power they do have because of this belief.

Dealing with the Onslaught of Change
Overwhelm, which leads to essential conversations that do not happen; freezing in the face of constant disruption.


Here Is Everything You Get When You Sign Up For
The Executive Coach Tools Course

You get models, practices, and tools that cover each of the 4 steps along this
Executive Coach Success Path.

Here is a look at those models and practices:

Enhance Your Role as a Coach
   Use the Client Responsibility Model of Coaching.

Learn to Navigate Self-in-System
   Develop Backbone and Heart, for both leaders and coaches.

Help Leaders Use Authority as a Resource
   Help your client use the Waterline Model to diagnose leader-team problems to get back on track.

   Learn Change Dynamics that require specific roles and interaction dynamics to help people through their natural resistance and overwhelm.

Help Clients Integrate Leader Functioning, Team Functioning, and Business Results
   Learn the Leadership Alignment Cycle of best leadership team practices.

   Support your client to develop a Leadership Vision that integrates results and relationship.

   Help leaders gain Leadership Team Alignment for engaged and mobilized teams.


"We have used your elegant model with great results. By focusing on specific business results, we can help our clients zero in on what is most important. In addition, the model helps our clients to quickly recognize their strengths and weaknesses."

Jennifer Joyce
Leadership Development Specialist


The Executive Coach Tools course also includes:

14 hours of live online training.
(7 two-hour sessions over 7 weeks so you can apply your learning immediately)

14 ICF Core Competency CCE units. 

The training is interactive.
Mary Beth talks with you rather than at you, while covering a lot of material.  There are many opportunities to have live conversations.

You work through one of your actual client situations, applying all of the frameworks you learn in the course.

There is an extensive Workbook for you to take notes on the models.

You receive 8 Leadership Practice Tools from the Leadership Alignment Cycle to review what resources would be good for your clients, and to help you prepare for your sessions with them.

    Each tool has --

    Best practices in leader-team interactions, 

    A leader self-assessment, 

    Backbone and Heart challenges your client must navigate, and 

    A leader's process checklist that can also be used to guide you in your sessions with your client. 

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1.5 hour additional teleclass with Mary Beth one month after the last class to cement your learning 

Online community exclusively for students and alumni of this course 
(for support, brainstorming, and Q&A to deepen your knowledge and experience with systemic executive coaching)

Recordings of the webinar sessions available for review for 4 months after the end of the course


Super Early Bird Special

Extra Bonus for early registration --Deep Discount on Overview webinar

    Access to the Overview of Systemic Executive Coaching webinar 
    for a deep discount from $75 to $42

Available only at time of early registration

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Mary Beth O'Neill
Course Faculty

Mary Beth has used these coaching approaches with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, in industries as diverse as high tech, utilities, hospitality, manufacturing, and healthcare. 

You receive the benefit of her 30 years as an executive coach and her 23 years of teaching these skills to graduate students.

You will learn what works best to partner with executives and help them achieve outstanding outcomes. 


Wednesdays, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm USA Pacific Time 

Session 1:   October 17, 2018
Session 2:   October 24, 2018
Session 3:   October 31, 2018
Session 4:   November 7, 2018
Session 5:    November 14, 2018
1 week break U.S. Thanksgiving
Session 6: November 28, 2018
Session 7: December 5, 2018

Bonus Teleclass: January 16, 2019, Wednesday 11:00 am-12:30 pm USA Pacific Time


$  947 early registration deadline: October 3, 2018
$1047 regular registration deadline: October 11, 2018
$1350 late registration deadline: October 14, 2018

Registration is now closed

Publicity Release (for use of the recorded Webinars beyond the sessions):
If Mary Beth wants to use the recorded webinars elsewhere in her business, and my magnificent presence is represented on them, I give permission to her to use these recordings as she sees fit. Now on to the legalese way to say the same thing -- I consent to the use and publication, by MBO Consulting, of my words, actions, name, image, and appearance (known as Likeness) that are in audio and video recordings of Webinars owned by Mary Beth O’Neill. MBO Consulting and its representatives may use my Likeness for any use they see fit – in print, broadcasting, audio-visual cassette or disk, streaming, download, closed-circuit or other exhibition purposes, in any manner or media, in perpetuity throughout the world. I waive any and all rights, claims or interests with respect to such uses and activities. 

Confidentiality Agreement:
I will keep all content about specific clients, organizations, and attendees strictly confidential, not to be shared with anyone outside the seminar participants with whom I attend the course.

Register early for a guaranteed space.  Confirmation of a space reserved for you will be sent upon receipt of payment. Full Refunds are available 30 days prior to the training date.  Refunds minus a $150 administrative fee are available up to 2 weeks prior to the training date.  No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 14 days prior to the training. The training cost covers the course sessions and the course manual.

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