Overview: Systemic Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart

This is a recorded webinar, you get online access anytime.

Purpose: Learn the power of systemic executive coaching and where you can include it in your practice.


  1. Learn the definition of systemic executive coaching.
  2. Obtain an overview of the 4 Phase Method of executive coaching.
  3. See how additional steps in the contracting and planning phases prepare the client to lead more skillfully amidst the systemic forces in their organization.
  4. Explore the advantages of live action / live team coaching, being with the client as they implement their development plan.

Prerequisites: none

Delivered as: a 1.5 hr. recorded webinar. You get online access anytime.
A workbook is included with online access to the video.

Faculty: Mary Beth O’Neill, author of Executive Coaching with Backbone & Heart.



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