Pattern Shift Executive Coaching: Help Clients Change Leader-Team Patterns that Drive Them Crazy

CCE - 2 hrs


Learn the practice to identify and change patterns that get in the way of effective communication and productive outcomes.  Help leaders and their teams break out of dysfunctional patterns and establish more effective ways to work together.


  • Define patterns and how to identify them between leaders and their teams
  • Establish the process to shift patterns
  • Illustrate the steps with a real example
  • Identify the venues for pattern shift coaching

Also Included -- Receive the Pattern Shift Leadership Practice Tool
The tool contains:

Best practice in leader-team pattern identification and change,
A leader self-assessment,
Backbone and Heart challenges your client must navigate, and
A leader worksheet that can also be used to guide you in your sessions with your client

Prerequisites: none

Delivered as: a 2 hr. recorded webinar. You get online access anytime.

Faculty: Mary Beth O’Neill, author of Executive Coaching with Backbone & Heart

Registration Price: $167


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