Team Performance Management

Cascading Alignment on Wheel

The Leadership Alignment Cycle, © 2004-2016, Roger Taylor.

This practice describes how to: 

1) Set purpose, direction, and expectations with your direct reports
2) Create a dashboard or key metrics for tracking team performance
3) Review and assess team results and performance
4) Develop, reward, and enact consequences with your team

29 pages, 8½” x 11” pdf download.

Included in the pdf:

  • Leading with Backbone and Heart Self-Assessment
  • Practice Overview
  • Practice Steps
  • Tips for each Practice Step
  • Backbone and Heart Challenges inherent in team performance management

 Terms for Individual Use of Team Performance Management:

$25 per person

  • Leaders who want to use the tool themselves, or buy copies for their team members at the per person price.
  • Consultants and coaches who want to assess the model’s usefulness, or buy copies for their clients at the per person price

Terms of Use:
Downloadable pdf resides on one computer, and hard copies are for that individual’s use.

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Terms for Organizational Use Team Performance Management:

$1,500 per organization
Terms of Use:

Unlimited hard and soft copies within one organization. Limited to employees of the organization; not to be used for customers, vendors, or other outside persons.

(To enable product purchase, please agree to terms of use.)


 Terms for Training Organization Use ofTeam Performance Management:

For pricing and terms of use for the Performance Management product, please contact Mary Beth O’Neill at


 1-1 Consultation

We provide individual consultation and coaching to help you be effective in team performance management.


 Team Coaching:

We can help you to increase your ability to do team performance management when it affects a particularly critical strategic priority, so that you and your team ensure the successful execution of that priority.

We provide consultation and coaching for you and your team to develop the skill and capacity to implement the entire Leadership Cycle more effectively to make dramatic progress on all your strategic priorities.